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During the past three or so decades the Adventist church has produced two major guidelines on music. These two documents provide parameters or directions for those who seek to know the mind of the world church as to what God expects from His people in our choice and use of music.

The lives of those Past to present accept this responsibility must be as distinctive as their message. Music is one of God's great gifts to man and is one of the most important elements in a spiritual program.

It is an avenue of communication with God, and "is one of the most effective means of impressing the heart with spiritual truth" Education, p. It has the power to uplift or degrade; it can be used in the service of good or evil.

Those, therefore, who select music for the distinctive purposes of this Church must exercise a high degree of discrimination in its choice and in its use. In their endeavors to meet these ideals, more than human wisdom is needed.

The music should 1. Bring glory to God and assist us in acceptably worshiping Him 1 Cor Ennoble, uplift, and purify the Christian's thoughts Phil 4: Reveal a compatibility between the message conveyed by the words and the music, avoiding a mixture of the sacred and the profane.

Shun theatricality and prideful display Evangelism, p. Be appropriate for the occasion, the setting, and the audience for which it is intended Evangelism, pp.

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There is much that is spiritually uplifting and religiously valid in the music of the various cultural and ethnic groups; however, the musical tastes and practices of all should conform to the universal value of Christ-like character, and all should strive for oneness in the spirit and purpose of the gospel, which calls for unity rather than uniformity.

Care must be exercised that worldly values in music which fail to express the high ideals of the Christian faith be avoided. The above principles will serve as effective guidelines in the choice and use of music for the varied needs of the Church. Certain musical forms, such as jazz, rock, and their related hybrid forms, are considered by the Church as incompatible with these principles.

Certain other areas are much more complex, and a more detailed discussion of the factors involved follows. Worship should be the primary and eternal activity of mankind.

Man's highest end is to glorify God. As the worshiper comes to the house of God to offer a sacrifice of praise, let it be with the best possible music. Careful planning of every musical clement of the service is essential so that the congregation is led to be a participant and not a spectator.

The hymns used for this service should be directed to God, emphasizing praise and utilizing the great hymns of our heritage. They should have strong, singable melodies and worthy poetry. The pastor should take a keen interest in increasing the quality and fervor of congregational singing.

He is in a unique position to raise the level of worship music in his church. If in the service there should be vocal solos or other special music, preference should be given to material with scriptural texts and music that is within the singer's range of ability, and be presented to the Lord without display of vocal prowess.

The communication of the message should be paramount.

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The music chosen should 1. Direct the hearer to Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Be played and sung by those whose lives are consistent with the message they bear.

Be a vehicle for the deep impression of Bible truth, which will inspire a positive change in the life. Be presented in a carefully planned, orderly manner. Be simple and melodic and presented without emphasis on personal display.

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