Spank or not to spank essay

Childhood Parenting can sometimes be a very strenuous job. It is a blessing to have a child, yet raising a well brought up kid carries a lot of responsibility.

Spank or not to spank essay

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Spank or not to spank essay

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Children: To Spank Or Not To Spank 3 pages in length. Disciplining children has become more and more challenging with the ever-growing perception that spanking is both abusive and unnecessary.

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Spanking is harmful emotionally to both parent and child. While stopping the behavior temporarily, it does not teach alternative behavior. It also interferes with the development of trust, a sense of security, effective communication and the development of internal controls or self-discipline.

Spanking is not good for a child. Here are the reasons why you should not spank your child: Spanking models Parents who spank their children are teaching them to do the same thing to other children. - Spank Or Not To Spank Have you ever been out in public and a parent and child is having a fighting match because the child wants something that the parent want buy or the child just runs off while the parent is busy looking for something.

MMSA story - 'Spanked by my best friend, aged 17' by Charles Hamilton II