Writing a pitch letter for an article

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Writing a pitch letter for an article

Freelancing is a tough game to play. I recently received one of these perfect pitch emails from a WritersBucketList reader. You can make every one of your pitches just as irresistible as this one, by sticking to a few principles of pitching.

writing a pitch letter for an article

In either case, the editor is looking for the same thing: BTW, thanks for creating such a wonderful writing group. Here are the elements I adore in this intro: The writer explains who she is and what she does. Making a real connection with an editor is key!

writing a pitch letter for an article

Go beyond a canned email, and show her that you are someone who matters. Meaning it is as important as saying it. I cannot stress enough that you need to do this before launching into your pitch and credentials!

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It will only lose you points for being devious and disrespectful of her time. She points out that she knows I accept guest posts. Jane goes on from here to include a brief outline of her proposed post. At the time this pitch came in, I requested an outline in my guidelines. Some editors prefer a very brief email think Five Sentences and will request more details if they like your idea.

Some prefer a detailed outline. Whatever it is, do it. Another key that many writers miss: Close your email with a direct ask. Closing by directly asking for what you want lets an editor know exactly how to respond to you.

Be Nice Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you! Cheers, Jane Finally, I appreciate a friendly sign-off, especially from a member of my community. Simple touches in email correspondence clue me into whether or not someone will be easy to work with.how to write the perfect pitch letter.

Read it. How to Write the Perfect Pitch Letter - Get Sponsored To Events How to Write the Perfect Pitch Letter - Get Sponsored To Events. Here are tips for writing the perfect pitch email." See more.

You have a stellar article idea. Now comes the hard part: where to send your pitch? You don’t know any good publications for your idea off the top of your head, so you slog over to the local Barnes & Noble and rifle through the newsstand.

Creating an Irresistible Elevator Pitch. Imagine you are at a party. Your host introduces you to a literary agent as an author. There’s an art to writing a logline and Oh no, hang on, wrong article. Part Three of the elevator pitch is the Short Synopsis of Power: the whole story told in a single page – five hundred words.

You should. 3 Mistakes That Make Editors Throw Your Pitch in the Trash. by. Finally, though it seems so obvious, be sure to run your letter though your spell check program.

No one will hire a writer who includes typos in a pitch! Writing, Creative Writing, . How to Write Amazing Pitch Letters that Land You Freelance Writing Jobs Aug 16, by Ebyline Staff Leave a Comment As a freelance writer, writing an article is easy, but writing a pitch can sometimes be the hardest part.

Not sure how to write a pitch letter? Here are 8 tips for writing your next pitch letter, I guarantee it will get you a much larger response than before!.

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